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PIRA People Management

Human Resources, Personel, Recruitment

PIRA People Management

Human Resources, Personel, Recruitment


You were probably expecting another job board, pretending to be a recruitment website...
Does this sound familiar?
  • Pages and pages of jobs which look like they might be interesting - If you only knew a bit more about them...
  • Photos of beautiful people gazing lovingly at corporate buildings / telephones / keyboards… (Yes, we find that a bit strange too)
  • Lots of flashing images guaranteed to attract the attention... (of your boss)

At PIRA People Management we do things differently...

PPM won't try and get you to register on the basis of that "amazing job" which is "just right for" - How can we?

At the moment we know nothing about you, your skills or your aspirations and let’s be honest – if it's really any good, then that job will probably have already been short-listed using our existing, high calibre candidates.

We want you to register so that we can find the RIGHT job for YOU – which is why we insist on meeting EVERY candidate and don't worry, because there'll be another amazing job along shortly – one you'll REALLY have a good chance of getting.

If you're looking for work within Torbay, Teignbridge, the South Hams and surrounding areas then

Call us now and tell us about yourself...

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